Year Long Engagement

d.r.i.f.t Schools

As part of our mission to create new theatre audiences and practitioners, and to bring the joy of theatre to as many people as possible.

d.r.i.f.t Reads

A platform that brings a variety of literature and poetry to Dharamshala audiences in a series of free public readings.

d.r.i.f.t Workshops

A series of workshops on the myriad skills that go into the making of theatre. We’ve held workshops on voice training,

Theatre Festival

Since 2017, our annual festival has been built on one central principle: community! People matter to us. Each year, we bring shows and workshops from India and abroad to local audiences. We also stage productions with local schools and adults with whom we have been engaged through the year.

Participating groups oversee the running of the festival, along with volunteers and organisers. Everyone helps with setting up, backstage work, ushering, and preparing and serving food and drink for artists, volunteers and audience members alike, among other work. Artists, volunteers and organisers work on the same tasks together. Volunteers see every show and also attend workshops.

The result is a warm and intimate atmosphere unlike any other festival in the country–or so our participants and audiences tell us! We believe that by bringing people together to work towards a collective vision, theatre can build powerful solidarities between different people and groups.

And indeed, this is a festival that is kept going by the spirit of theatre and collaboration.



d.r.i.f.t 2017

d.r.i.f.t 2018

d.r.i.f.t 2019

What People are Saying