d.r.i.f.t_festival 2022. Poster by Mudita Mathur

d.r.i.f.t Festival 2020. Poster by Mudita Mathur

d.r.i.f.t Festival 2019. Poster by Mudita Mathur

d.r.i.f.t Festival 2018. Poster by Mudita Mathur

d.r.i.f.t Festival 2017. Poster by Mudita Mathur


Prime Movers. A dance workshop with Joshua Sailo

Filming Stories. A workshop with Anushka Meenakshi

A theatre and art workshop with Alia Sinha

Therapeutic Movement Workshop with Mitali Jangpangi

Theatre of the Oppressed workshop with Manasguru

A PLACE WE CALL HOME. A workshop by Alia Sinha

Srishti. A 3 months theatre workshop with the children of Gamru Village School and Govt. High School, Kotwali with Nishna and Sanya

Story Telling workshop for Kids at Tunna's Book Cafe, Mohli

Stories of the world. A workshop with Anant Dayal.

Theatre game and Story Telling workshop for Kids

An Actor's Role. A workshop with Padma Damodaran


Acting and Movement Training workshop with Niranjani Iyer


Kangra Folk Tales

After lies / li(ves) by Faezeh Jalali

Dohri Zindagi / New Life

Spokes, Sprites and Apparitions curated by d.r.i.f.t artist in residence Alia Sinha

Local Shorts

To whomsoever it may concern

Kangra Folk Tales

drift-reads-19- Vagina Monologues

Dark Surrealism

Original Writings

drift-reads-16- Queer Writings

drift-reads-18- Winter Tales

drift-reads-14- Writings on Exile

drift-reads-13- Today's Special

drift-reads-12- Haruki Murakami

drift-reads-11- Local Shorts

drift-reads-10- Lok Kathaye

drift-reads-9- Travelogues Special







Reads session- 2

Reads session- 1