“Art in schools shouldn’t be sidelined… it should be right there right up in the front because I think art teaches you to deal with the world around you. It is the oxygen that makes all the other subjects breathe

Alan Parker, filmmaker


Theatre is often seen as “non-essential” compared to subjects like Math and Science but it’s not just a hobby for a privileged few. Participating in theatre teaches children and young adults essential life skills of communication, creativity, collaboration, confidence and critical thinking. But one of our biggest challenges is convincing schools and parents of the absolute necessity for arts in education!


Seeing the children’s responses to our workshops over the years has made this our most rewarding programme.
Write to us if you want your school to join and experience this first-hand!

We workshop with various local schools:
Gamru Village School
Govt High School, Kotwali Bazar
Kangra Valley Achievers
Lower Tibetan Village School
Upper Tibetan Village School

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