Build theatre skills to build local theatre! That’s what our workshops are all about.

A play is put together by myriad skill sets and since our mission is to build theatre practitioners as well as audiences, we hold workshops on the various elements that go into the making of theatre: play production, vocal training, acting training, playwriting, light design and many others. These workshops are meant for local individuals who want to discover and explore the world of theatre. We bring in artists from all over India and the world who bring their expertise and experience of stage to Dharamshala.

These workshops are key in the creation of an emerging pool of local talent in playwriting, acting, stage management etc as well as exciting local productions.

Some of our Artists…

Alia Sinha
Anant Dayal
Ankita Anand
Anuja Ghosalkar
Ashish Paliwal
Asif Basra
Asmit Pathare
Babina Chabungbam
Dhruv Yadav
Dollkki Puppet Theatre
Francesca Emilia Papale
Gunjan Gupta
Jeongju Kim
Jodi Thiele
Kriti Pant
Mandragora Circo
Niranjani Iyer
Nishna Mehta
Padma Damodaran
Purva Naresh
Rakesh Bhaat
Savita Rani
Sarju Bhaat
Shena Gamat
Subhadra Kamath
Surjit Nongmeikapam
Tapesh Sharma
Toztli Abril de Dios
Vandana Asha
Victor Thoudam
Vignesh Iyer …